Candelori’s Restaurant, an Italian fine dining venue located in Sydney, NSW recently underwent a complete renovation to stay fresh and contemporary. Specialising in modern day Abruzzo regional cuisine combined with old family recipes, the restaurant has been serving their patrons in a luxury dining setting since 1999.

Given the limited timeframe allocated for the renovation and the need to minimise disruption to the restaurant’s business, cladding was chosen to achieve the desired stunning design. Barestone Internal from Cemintel® with its raw concrete look and texture offered a natural yet contemporary cladding option that contrasted beautifully with the restaurant’s luxe marble and wooden accents.

The neutral industrial aesthetic of Barestone cladding with an appearance quite similar to a cement wall, introduces a modern touch to the classic marble and woodgrain features. Being pre-finished and quick to install, the cladding ensured minimal disruption to the restaurant’s business, allowing the client to welcome customers back in sooner.

Owner Ross Candelori explained that they sought to create a space that reflected and complemented the beauty of their food. This design objective was achieved with Barestone cladding that not only gave a refined look to enhance the restaurant’s high end contemporary dining vibe but also created a comfort zone for customers.