Cement Concrete and Aggregates Australia  (CCAA) has recently published a revised edition of its Guide to Industrial Floors and Pavements. The guide includes the latest cost-effective techniques for the design and construction of concrete flooring in a variety of building types.

The Guide is an invaluable resource for those involved in the design, construction and specification of concrete floors and pavements in commercial and industrial applications such as warehouses and stores, manufacturing plants, engineering workshops and garages, offices and shopping complexes.

The Guide includes a number of additions and updates on the previous edition, including:

  • a spreadsheet to help designers calculate the required base thickness and allow sensitivity checks of variables more rapidly
  • an appendix on the design of dowels
  • combined wheel and post loads
  • concrete strengths up to 100MPa 
  • more work examples
  • new charts that cover 5 and 8-tonne axle loads 
  • new information to cover armouring of joints and shear transfer at joints

The revised Guide is available from SAI Global and on loan from the CCAA library.