Introducing 17 new Corian® colours and 7 new colour families to compliment any aesthetic, with chic simplicity, depth & movement or the multi-faceted aspects of translucency.

Realise designs that can inspire your creativity in bold directions. Use individually or coordinate with various textures. This range provides the opportunity to Make Your Space™.

With innovative and dramatic directions, corian® design introduces imaginative aesthetics that stimulate new ideas and expand your design possibilities to make your space™. From a world filled with rich inspiration, corian® has extracted visions from areas as diverse as the forest, mid-century modern design, translucent stone and industrial decor. The aesthetics that have emerged emphasise the intention and trend-forward mission of corian® and offer unique possibilities for design styles and applications. Realise designs that can inspire your creativity in bold directions. Whether used individually or coordinated with various aesthetics, they all provide the opportunity to make your space™.

Introducing seventeen new corian® solid surface aesthetics ranging from the chic simplicity of solid colours to the multi-faceted aspects of translucence. With an eye to contemporary design, as well as traditional applications, Aggregate, Terrazzo and Linear are new options with looks that transcend their inspirations. Aggregate collaborates with Corian® Concrete, adding visual depth and movement, strewn with aggregate particles, Terrazzo celebrates a mid-century ambience, and Linear creates a clear vision with undeviating striations. The natural world is the source for limitless inspiration and the new designs of Nuwood and Organics celebrate nature’s true beauty. Nuwood offers ways to reinterpret the look of wood with the numerous possibilities of Corian® Solid Surface. The new Organic designs colourfully expand the flowing aesthetic. Solid colours provide an energetic statement to the designed space, and with their natural inspirations the newly created hues of Verdant and Laguna indeed offer directional colour options whether used alone or paired with other aesthetics.