CASF Australia introduces Corian Solid Surface with Resilience Technology, a new material that combines excellent wear resistance, superior performance and assured durability with contemporary style.

Corian Solid Surfaces with Resilience Technology come in 4 new colours, specifically selected to complement any interior design plan while also providing strength and endurance. The material’s Resilience Technology, which is backed by extensive R&D, enables a superior scratch and stain resistant surface that looks as good as new for years to come in any benchtop application.

Remove stains with just water

Being non-porous and stain resistant, Corian Solid Surface with Resilience Technology will not allow stains to penetrate deep into the surface, enabling easy removal with just water and a slightly abrasive pad.

Superior wear resistance

The Resilience Technology in Corian Solid Surfaces is a best-in-class premium technology that reduces physical damage from scratches, heat exposure and impact, typical of daily usage. Since these superior properties are built into the material, the wear-resistant performance is permanent, lasting for the entire life of the surface.

Design flexibility

Corian Solid Surface with Resilience Technology offers all the properties and qualities of standard Corian products including design versatility, easy formability, non-porous nature and inconspicuous joints, providing architects, designers and fabricators a new and reliable easy-to-work material for producing superior results.

The four colours are Cool Grey (grey particle matrix), Keystone (inspired by concrete), Stratus (elegance of grey), and Summit White (versatility of white).

Corian Solid Surface with Resilience Technology is recommended for a versatile range of commercial interior applications such as hospitality, education, healthcare, retail, offices and food service as well as in the residential market.