DuPont Corian solid surface, available from CASF Australia , combine aesthetics with high performance, making them an ideal choice for exterior applications. Corian solid surface was recently used for the external façade of Seeko’o hotel that was designed by Atelier King Kong.

If evaluating a material for exterior use, colour stability can be a key concern. However, there are other performance factors that should also be considered. Many colours of Corian solid surface exhibit good colour stability and all colours of Corian have low moisture absorbency and are resistant to stains, environmental pollutants, detergents, and humidity as well as freeze-thaw conditions.

Design flexibility, seamless appearance, ease of fabrication, durability, and thermoformability make Corian solid surface a versatile material. Corian can be sanded and/or cleaned to restore its original appearance. Graffiti can be removed through standard pressure washing with baking soda-based cleaning agents. These performance factors combined make Corian solid surface material an excellent choice for exterior applications.

Corian solid surfaces can be used to create outdoor furniture, benchtops to surround bbq areas or for external wall cladding, like the beautiful Seeko’o Hotel situated in Bordeaux, France.

DuPont Corian solid surface offers unlimited access to design possibilities.