Invented by DuPont in 1967, Corian is the original solid surface. Ideal for kitchen surfaces, DuPont Corian is a solid, seamless, non-porous homogenous surfacing material made from natural minerals and acrylic resin. Corian is chosen as the material of choice many new or renovation projects.

The hygienic, durable and functional properties of this beautiful and versatile material make it ideal for kitchen surfaces.

By using DuPont Corian for kitchen surfaces, specifiers are given the freedom to design a kitchen that is truly unique. They can mix Corian with virtually any other material. And with so many colours, textures, shapes to choose from, the possibilities are almost endless.

DuPont Corian is inherently renewable. It is solid and homogeneous all the way through. Most damage, including that caused by severe impacts, heat or chemicals, can usually be repaired on-site to restore the integrity of the smooth, hygienic surface.  

DuPont Corian is available from CASF Australia .