CASF Australia announces the winners of Corian Design Awards 2019 Edition 3.

Poco Designs and Bates Smart were declared joint winners in the Commercial category while CplusC Architectural Workshop won in the Residential segment.

Reef Hotel: Commercial Joint Winner - Poco Designs

Corian® Colours: Glacier White

The client sought an abstract feature wall that incorporated curvature. Poco Design along with Inform Tops and HI Construction created the 'curtain wall', measuring 10.76m high by 11.30m long using 6mm Corian®.

Corian® was chosen for this project due to the material’s ease of thermoforming and durability. Additionally, Corian® surfaces are easy to care for, and deliver a striking aesthetic in the end application.

The design outcome of the labour-intensive feature wall project surpassed the client’s expectations.

Additionally, Corian® has been incorporated into the reception counters throughout the lobby creating cohesion within the space.

Gandal Wing, Cabrini Hospital: Commercial Joint Winner - Bates Smart

Corian® Colours: Glacier White and Elegant Grey

The hospital project set a new standard for healthcare, which was ably met by Corian® in terms of the high quality achieved. Corian® was chosen for its anti-microbial properties, ability to be moulded into robust shapes, inherent strength and excellent colour range.

Corian® was used predominantly on reception desks and patient rooms. Off the shelf Type B Corian® basins were used for custom benchtops. The material was also used for the integrated glove dispensers and lift up panels as well as the baby bath and change station with integrated bins and nappy storage.

Jungle House: Residential Winner - CplusC Architectural Workshop

Corian® Colours: Glacier White

Corian® enabled an entire bathroom to be created without any tiles or grout. It also allowed basins, benchtops and splashbacks to be seamlessly joined, eliminating the need for silicone joints. The absence of grout and joints will prevent any mould issues in future, allowing simple maintenance and cleaning.

Corian® has been used for the flooring, wall lining and integrated basin and vanity. In addition to ease of cleaning, the bathroom also delivers unexpected acoustic benefits over the typical cold echo of fully tiled bathrooms. The Glacier White colour is surprisingly warm when combined with LED strip lighting details.