CASF Australia has announced the winning entries of Corian® Design Awards 2018 Edition 4.

Furling designed by davisthomas Studio is the winner in the Commercial Category while Residential Category Co-Winners are Mark Gacesa of Ultraspace for Mount Mee, and Raunik Design Group for Tweed Terrace.

Furling by davisthomas Studio - Commercial Category Winner (Corian® Colours: Venaro White)

Furling is a large-scale sculptural artwork inspired by the nautical history of the wharf industry and leisure sailing of the Brisbane River and Mary Street area. As the name suggests, Furling is an artwork that captures the flip and flow of a sail as it is gathered in when bringing a boat to harbour, or released as a ship sets sail for a new destination. Capturing the implied kinetic energy of this transitory moment required a unique type of material that could give a high degree of freeform manipulation and create complex fluid curvatures without needing an overly intricate framework to hold the shape. Following research and intensive discussions with CASF Australia regarding material specifications, davisthomas decided on Corian®.

Each of the two sculptural wall elements measures 9 metres in height and 1.5 metres at its widest point. The structural base of stainless steel props and marine ply ribs is inspired by yacht rigging, being structurally sound for purpose, and supporting the nautical visual vernacular of the work. Laid over the top of this structural skeleton is 12mm Venaro White Corian® cut into 45mm wide planks. The planking was inspired by traditional canvas sail-making, the planking of wooden boat hulls, and as a means to create the visual linear effect that engenders dynamic movement in the work. The thermoforming was done using an imported sheet size oven from America. The artwork took three months to build.

Lubi Thomas: “Corian® made this project possible. The flexibility of the material’s thermoforming capabilities combined with the near seamless bonding capability of the joint adhesive allowed us to produce 9m linear planks that flow and glide up the side of the wall, creating a majestic, dynamic sculptural artwork with a high quality finish."

Mount Mee designed by Mark Gacesa of Ultraspace - Residential Category Co-Winner (Corian® Colours: Witch Hazel)

The lounge area in this home consisted of two separate zones – one for watching television and the other for the massive wood-burning fireplace in a conversation pit. Unhappy that the original sunken lounge room design of their weekend residence did not accommodate their furniture properly, or work for the dual-use of the area, the clients consulted with Mark Gacesa of Ultraspace who overcame their problem by turning the entire space into a sunken lounge suite.

Gacesa opened up the space and created a much larger multi-use seating configuration with no wasted space. Two entry points to the area, which were part of the original steps into the sunken lounge, have been incorporated.

The built-in sofa arms have been designed extra wide to not only be dramatic, but also be used as side tables. The arms flow around the tan suede upholstery to become the back of the sofa, creating a solid enclosure or framing for the upholstery.

This Corian sofa frame blends and complements the existing materials in the lounge space by day; however, at night, the entire lounge suite illuminates to create a magical and soothing glow in the room. Not only is the Corian back-lit, but underlighting has also been installed to the front of the upholstered seating. The entire piece can dim in unison to create a soft glow to complement the fire.

Tweed Terrace designed by Raunik Design Group - Residential Category Co-Winner (Corian® Colours: Antarctica, Glacier White)

Tweed Terrace House challenges typical Gold Coast architecture. Comprising of two pods, the unique home was conceived by Mexican architect Javier Senosiain and designed by Raunik Design Group. Executed over a period of 3 years, the home is now a local landmark.

The innovative craftsmanship continues inside the home. Corian® has been used extensively in the living quarters pod. “We wanted a product that looks like it flows with the curved walls and emerges from the wall. We wanted it to have its own form and dissipate in its own way,” said Scott Bowden, Project Leader, Raunik Design Group.

Corian® has allowed a seamless, curved and organic finish. The colour selections have been made mindfully to suit the rooms and their purpose. The bathrooms have Antarctica finished to a gloss level for the curved vanity tops with integrated basins, yet a smooth, matte finish for the bed surround and shelves, evoking a sense of calm in Glacier White.

With complex curves and thermoforming throughout, the designs called for an expert fabricator. Prototypes were made to test the material performance as well as the ergonomics and depth of the basins. The resulting installation is of impeccable quality with the client extremely pleased with the finished home.