In keeping with the new trend in bathroom design for square basins, Caroma has released four new designs that offer a softer alternative to the industrial-style models currently available. Caroma’s new Cube3 basins feature a more organic style designed to blend effortlessly into any modern bathroom.

Cube3 basins replace the wide edge design prevalent in industrial-style square basins with slimmer walls. Hard-edged right angles give way to gentle curves to create a softer silhouette resulting in strong, square angles with softened edges and slim walls that blend the sharp contemporary looks with a welcoming ambience.

he first ina series of new product releases for Caroma in 2005, the Cube3 range is available in four versions to suit a variety of installation options including wall or hob mounted, above counter or inset. Each design features a chrome flush-fitting plug and waste option, while the Cube3 320 wall basin also comes with an overflow option.

Source: Building Products News.