With older Australians living longer and healthier lives, and many more active years ahead of them, the demand for quality aged care services in the country is expected to increase and place more pressure on an already stressed system. Used to higher standards of living, Australia’s older demographic also expects the same level of service from aged care providers.

The focus on aged care reform has increased, with the 2019 Royal Commission Report bringing to light the failures of Australia’s aged care system in terms of their ability to deliver safe and quality care to older citizens, combined with the challenges faced by the sector during the pandemic.

In response to the current crisis, leading aged care providers are replacing outdated, institutional models of care with modern, home-like environments that place an emphasis on person-centred care. The design of the modern aged care facility is better focussed on the resident’s wellbeing, personal needs, privacy and overall dignity, while creating a supportive environment for carers and staff so that they can efficiently and safely deliver high quality care. By applying holistic design principles, aged care providers are able to promote the objectives of safety and wellbeing of residents, families and staff, including residents with comorbidities, dementia and other health challenges.

While the challenges were indeed a wake-up call for the aged care industry, the situation also presented an excellent opportunity to completely overhaul the existing structure through timely reforms. Aged care providers are architecturally evolving their operating models to ensure service improvement and business sustainability. Design and technology play an important role in creating safe and comfortable environments for residents while improving the efficiencies of the facilities for the benefit of the staff.

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