Caroma Taps , also known as Caroma Dorf, has added copper jumper valves to its range of water efficient tapware.

Guaranteeing higher performance as well as extending the life of the tapware, all 3-piece tapware ranges in the Caroma, Dorf and Irwell brands will be supplied with the custom engineered copper jumper valve.

According to Daniel Gadd, Category Manager – Spares, from Caroma Dorf says, “Responding to customer feedback, Caroma Dorf has taken the initiative to custom engineer our own copper jumper valves, which suit the specifications of our tapware ranges.”

“Caroma Dorf has ensured that the valves perform well for our customers and this improvement illustrates our commitment to quality,” says Daniel Gadd.

The change benefits 29 ranges of tapware within the Caroma, Dorf and Irwell brands.

“By incorporating the copper jumper valve into our 3-piece tapware, our customers can be assured of even higher performance under consistent water pressure, reduced noise and water hammer as well as the longevity and durability of their tapware”, Daniel Gadd concluded.