A Toilet Replacement Program is currently being run in Melbourne by South East Water, City West Water and Yarra Valley Water in conjunction with Schultz Plumbing.

The program is set to help households reduce their water usage by replacing inefficient single flush toilets with a water-saving 4.5/3 litre toilet suite from Caroma Dorf.

The program offers customers the opportunity to upgrade their old single flush toilet suite with a new 4-star WELS (Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards) rated dual flush Caroma or Stylus toilet suite at a considerably reduced price via a rebate.

This price offers a saving of over 35 per cent for the cost of a new toilet suite and includes the removal of the old single flush model and installation by a licensed plumber from Schultz Plumbing. To help further reduce household water consumption, water efficient showerheads and flow control valves can also be fitted at no extra cost.

One of the biggest users of water inside the home is single flush toilet suites and if replaced with a 4.5/3 litre Caroma Smartflush toilet suite can save the average household up to 35,000 litres of water every year.

The program has been designed to help homeowners save water and help achieve Target 155.

David Oliver, State Manager, Caroma Dorf said “There are approximately 440,000 single flush toilets in the Melbourne area. Replacement of these inefficient toilets with water-saving 4.5/3L dual-flush models could help save up to 15 gigalitres of water every year.”

The Toilet Replacement Program makes water efficient toilet suites more accessible to homeowners and we are pleased to be working with the Melbourne water retailers on this important initiative,” Mr Oliver added.

Caroma introduced the dual flush toilet in 1982 and has since been adopted around the world. Caroma has continued to refine dual-flush technology to achieve maximum flushing power from minimum water use.

Caroma has also introduced the Caroma Profile 5 Toilet Suite with Integrated Hand Basin which is a 5-star WELS rated toilet suite. The Caroma Cube 0.8L Urinal Suite that is 6-star WELS rated urinal has also been introduced.

Customers wanting to take part in the Toilet Replacement Program need only to register online or via the 1300 number. Schultz Plumbing and their appropriate water retailer will handle the rest.