Biophilic elements are increasingly being integrated into workplace environments by modern architectural and interior design practices to reduce stress and enhance wellbeing.

However, it's not always possible to introduce biophilic elements such as a direct view of nature or an abundance of natural light in every work environment. Can art or imagery, therefore, play a stronger and more cost-effective role in reducing stress in corporate workplaces and healthcare environments?

‘Reducing Stress in a Stressful Environment’ explores biophilic design and the need to introduce biophilic as well as other wellbeing elements into residential, corporate or healthcare environments to reduce stress. 

Hosted by Caroma, the event will feature three keynote speakers:

Laura Hamilton-O'Hara, CEO - Living Future Institute will discuss how creating human habitats around biophilic design can enhance an environment.

Duncan Young, Head of Health & Wellbeing, Property, Lendlease will speak on how the places we occupy everyday influence our wellbeing, specifically, how our surroundings can make healthy choices frictionless and nudge us towards building our ideal day.

Tim Elwin, Photographer and Founder of Print For Print will talk about how his social initiative donates 50% of all profits to installing free art at public hospitals, and will also exhibit a number of his pieces.

Join us for an evening of education, exhibition, drinks and canapes.

Event details

Date: 12th March 2020

Time: 6pm - 9pm

Address: 39 Collins St, Alexandria NSW 2015