Bathrooms are personal spaces and the design is often guided by individual preferences. However, bathroom design is also influenced by trends in colours, materiality and fittings. So what are the biggest up-and-coming bathroom trends of 2023?

The best bathroom renovations are inspired by modern and eye-catching trends. Whether you want to update your ensuite or renovate multiple bathrooms in your home, we have the design trends that will make a mark in 2023, and help you take your bathroom from drab to fab.

Here are five ways to turn a drab and lifeless bathroom into a masterful and functional space.

1. Bidets


While common across households in Europe and Asia, bidets have only just recently come into vogue here in Australia. These functional additions to a bathroom can come in various forms, from standalone bidet units to electronic bidet seats that save room while providing style and comfort. The LiveWell Electronic Bidet Seat, for example, uses minimal water while enhancing hygiene, and is easy to install given its compatibility with a wide range of Caroma and non-Caroma toilets.

2. Minimalist basins


As part of an on-trend bathroom renovation in 2023, don’t forget about the smaller details. Pared-back, minimalist design is capturing our attention and along with complementary tapware, a minimalist basin can add a stylish touch to your bathroom. With a variety of stunning colour finishes, the contemporary Liano II Tapware & Basin Range is the ideal way to express your vision.

3. Bespoke vanities

Every bathroom needs vanities, but far too many designs and renovations fail to leverage the possibilities of a bespoke look. There are countless ways you can showcase your design flair through a vanity, from repurposing cabinets, customising decorative panels for the doors and drawers, or mixing materials such as marble and walnut for a tasteful yet stunning design. So whether you are tackling the project DIY or bringing on extra talent, make sure you research unique design trends and find a project that will create a seamless flow through the rest of your home.

4. Basin mixers


A well-designed bathroom needs functionality as well as visual appeal, so ensure the products you choose for your renovation are modern and compatible with your everyday needs. Basin mixers are an all-in-one solution that makes adjusting temperature and pressure easy. Both the Urbane II Basin Mixer and Urbane II Tower Basin Mixer offer a distinctly modern Australian style with all the utility of functional tapware.

5. Freestanding baths


Nothing screams bathroom decadence like a beautiful freestanding bathtub. This statement piece has been on-trend for years and doesn’t look like stopping any time soon, so 2023 is the perfect time to incorporate a freestanding tub into your bathroom. It’s the perfect way to create a focal point, plus the grandeur and luxury of sinking into a bathtub will add value to any home – even if you don’t plan on selling anytime soon.

Bonus trend: Terrazzo

The retro revival of terrazzo will be in full swing throughout 2023. While it certainly divides opinions, there’s a charm to using terrazzo in bathrooms that can elevate even the most well-designed project. Adding a chic pattern of fluted terrazzo tiles to bathroom walls can draw the eye as soon as you enter the space, while neutral bathrooms can add a splash of intrigue with terrazzo flooring.