Material selection is an important part of bathroom design, especially when it comes to picking the right tapware. However, understanding what shapes, materials and designs suit your space can often cause confusion.

Caroma industrial designer Luke Di Michiel elaborates on his top three considerations for choosing bathroom tapware. 

1. Space and environment

It’s really important to consider the tapware application and environment. This will likely dictate the type of tapware that’s most suitable for your bathroom.

Mixer tapware is easy to use and clean, making it great for a busy family bathroom.

Three-piece tapware is a more traditional look, but can often be retrofitted to help reduce renovation costs. 

Water efficient tapware has certainly come a long way with efficient aerators creating significant water savings without compromising on performance. Remember to check the WELS rating on tapware before purchase.

2. Materials 

These days we’re spoilt for choice with all the different materials and finishes to choose from. Your choice will come down to the style of the bathroom you’re creating.

Chrome: Traditionally, chrome was the only tapware finish available. Timeless and easy to maintain, chrome matches with a variety of different styles and textures seamlessly. However, fingerprints and watermarks are more visible on chrome tapware.  

Stainless Steel: The key advantage of stainless steel is that it’s very tough and durable. Machined stainless steel is also great at reducing finger and watermarks. A big benefit in a busy family bathroom! The downside is that it usually costs much more than chrome plated brass tapware.  

Brass: Brass tapware is very popular at the moment and, depending on the finish, can have a natural patina allowing the tapware to age and change character over time. 

Matte Black: Matte black tapware is on trend right now and can really give your bathroom a modern and sophisticated look and feel. The material, however, will fade over time and no wax based cleaners or chemicals can be used to clean the product. 

3. Consistency is key

It’s important that tapware, basins and baths are matched together to deliver the best experience. Above counter basins that sit proud on a vanity top work best when matched with tower basin mixers or wall basin mixers. Proportionally you want your basin and tapware to look right – it’s no good matching a large generous basin with a small petite mixer.

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