Britton Timbers has been appointed the Australia-wide distributor for Accoya, an innovative, new, sustainable high-performance wood product that can stand up to extreme environments.

A structurally-modified wood product, Accoya is acetylated in a unique process that ensures excellent durability and dimensional stability, making it suitable for use in indoor as well as outdoor applications as well as tough climates. Accoya is FSC certified and non-toxic, and carries the highest international environmental credentials.

Dominic McNeil of Britton Timbers explains that Accoya is a versatile product and can be used in diverse applications from major structural projects to domestic decking. Accoya is easily machined and is also used widely for cladding and facades.

Accoya is especially suited for use in windows, doors and decking where resistance to warping or shrinkage is important. Accoya is guaranteed for applications in ground and in freshwater contact for twenty-five years and above-ground for fifty years.

Accoya is a preferred choice in various projects around the world including marinas, boats, furniture, bridges and even major art installations.

Britton Timbers carries large stocks of Accoya at its distribution outlets in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane for immediate delivery across Australia.