Britton Timbers completed a flooring project at 1 Bligh Street encompassing three floors of parquetry. The project scope also included an installation named ‘Drift’ that was positioned to intercept visitors entering the building, daring them to pause and consider its thought-provoking expression of the form and motion of the harbour city.

The flooring project for 1 Bligh Street involved the installation of Victorian Ash parquetry on 1800 square metres across the three floors. Chris Fox who worked on the installation said it was his first experience working with Victorian Ash. However, the timber worked well for him, responding to all the cutting, laminating and end-matching required for the job.

To ensure full Chain of Custody Certification, the timber for the flooring project as well as for the Drift installation, was sourced and supplied through a partnership between Australian Sustainable Hardwoods and Britton Timbers.

Drift was sculptured from AFS and PEFC certified Victorian Ash timber that was cut and machined into 360,000 matching end-grain parquetry pieces at Britton Timber's Victorian machining facility. The installation’s underwater landscape flows up and out of the floor in a rolling wave that also captures perfectly the essence of the modern, thrusting office blocks defining corporate Sydney.

According to Chris, it was challenging to work with the wood in different locations before finally bringing Drift together at the building. In addition to marked differences in humidity between their workshop and the Bligh Street offices, the timber was layered and textured, requiring the material to be tested under different conditions.

Chris has also installed a companion work 'Tracing Back to Bligh' located on another floor in the building; he advises visitors to view both installations in tandem to get another perspective of the topographical and human influences on the city.