An L-shaped stainless steel urinal from the Britex Sanistep range was installed at the Albion Hotel designed by ITN Architects. 

The certified Sanistep urinal is Britex’s most specified urinal, and is the go-to choice for public amenity and hospitality applications thanks to unique advantages such as a highly vandal-resistant and hygienic design that is also easy to maintain and clean.

Sanistep urinals are manufactured from durable 1.2mm grade 304 stainless steel, and hand fabricated and fully welded with sturdy reinforcement to the rear, providing a sound structural finish.

Key features also include a hinged floor grate to allow for ease of cleaning; and a unique weir style sparge, which enables an even flow for the flush with minimum water and maximum efficiency.

Sanistep urinals are ideally paired with the Britex Smart Sani flush system for greater water efficiency. The concealed touch-free sensor counts the users and only flushes as required saving thousands of litres of water per annum.

The Britex Sanistep urinal installed at the Albion Hotel is 4475mm long and features an L shape. The urinal was delivered and installed on site by the Britex Installation Team with Mr. Paul Whitworth serving as the Project Manager.