Britex worked with architecture firm Hachem to design round and curvilinear stainless steel bars during the refurbishment of the Bond Bar in Melbourne.

Designed by Hachem, the 5-million-dollar Bond Bar refurbishment features a curvaceous theme throughout from the padded sweeping walls to the round leather stools and chairs. The premier luxury venue needed a set of bars to align with the curvy design theme.

Britex worked with Hachem to design and develop their first round and curvilinear stainless steel bars, introducing innovation into a material, which was known for its strength, longevity and hygiene (perfect for hospitality applications), but had only been used in rigid and linear forms.

The final design outcome is a glamorous perfectly round bar at the entry point and a sleek longer curvilinear bar that follows the wave of the walls on the ground level.

Hachem recently won the 2015 Overall Annual Best Club Space Award from the Modern International Design Awards for Bond Melbourne.