Drinking fountains can be easily added to public or private spaces, especially in high traffic areas, to provide a low maintenance, eco-friendly, convenient and reliable source of drinking water.

Incorporating a drinking fountain in any space adds value to the property. Highly suitable for public parks and amenities as well as gyms, schools, beaches and sporting facilities, drinking fountains can be installed in both indoor and outdoor environments with Britex offering a wide range of versatile options to suit your application.

Key benefits of drinking fountains:

Eco-friendly and economical

A drinking fountain not only provides a ready source of clean (and free) drinking water to users but also saves them money on bottled water. The reduced reliance on bottled water helps the environment with less plastic waste to deal with while lowering CO2 emissions resulting from its production and transportation.


Drinking fountains situated in a private/ public space help keep end users hydrated as they engage in activities such as running errands, exercise or sport, ensuring their wellbeing. Drinking fountains are also low maintenance and generally accessible 24/7.


Drinking fountains can be installed indoors or outdoors, and come with several options for value addition. One can choose carbon filters for filtered water, refrigeration for chilled water, and an abundant array of bubbler and bottle filler choices such as bubblers with anti-bacterial rubber mouth guards for junior schools or bottle fillers for gymnasiums.

Drinking fountains also come in a range of shapes and sizes to suit the space while installation options range from wall recessed and wall hung to freestanding pedestal. Even pets can enjoy a refreshing drink of water with pet bowls being added to public drinking fountains.

Britex offers the stainless steel round drinking fountain model for outdoor installations, featuring a heavy duty, anti-vandal design to handle the tough demands of a public space.


Drinking fountains must be accessible to the entire community. The Australian Standards for Access Compliancy requires drinking fountains to be at a certain height and have enough knee/toe clearance underneath to suit wheelchair users, with the design also considering aspects such as position, visibility and ease of push button activation. The Britex disabled pedestal drinking fountain has been adapted to suit both able bodied and accessible requirements, and is available in single or twin bowl configuration. Britex’s DADO drinking fountains also meet these requirements.

Why Britex?

The Britex range includes a variety of off-the-shelf drinking fountains as well as custom made fountains designed to suit specific needs and budgets.