The bathroom is one of the hardest working amenities in public, commercial and residential buildings. Only smartly designed and specified bathrooms can meet the needs of a wide variety of users, from infants and the physically-abled to aging population and those living with challenges. 

Like many developed countries, Australia’s population is rapidly aging. According to the 2016 Australian Census, nearly one in six Australians is over 65 years of age. This fact should be considered in conjunction with the Australian Network on Disability’s findings that approximately 18% of Australian women – and the same proportion of Australian men – have a disability. Two in five Australians with a disability are 65 years or older, reflecting the fact that the likelihood of disability increases with age. In light of this, the need for accessible bathrooms is more pressing than ever.

Bathrooms are among the most hazardous sites in any building, being a potential site for accidents such as slips, trips, and falls – especially for the aging. According to the Australian and New Zealand Falls Prevention Society, approximately one in every three adults over 65 suffers from at least one fall per year, which can lead to hospitalisation and in severe cases death. Therefore, it is critical that designers and specifiers choose solutions that promote comfort, safety, and functionality for all types of users while also factoring in performance, hygiene, and environmental impact.

The Britex Care range of hygienic ceramic and stainless steel bathroom solutions delivers accessibility and adaptability to bathrooms across all sectors. Developed with a strong focus on supporting the safety and wellbeing of users who are experiencing a loss or decline of physical ability, the range includes the Elsa Arm Rest and Independent Living & Assisted Living, Ambulant, and Accessible Care Bathroom Kits. Complementing these are a selection of individual toilets, basins, grab rails, braille signs and other accessories that together provide complete bathroom solutions for all manner of accessibility needs and compliance with the relevant Australian Standards. Designed to accommodate independent users and those requiring care alike, Britex’s flexible bathroom solutions create facilities that are both readily adaptable and future-proofed.

Thanks to meticulous European and Australian design, the Britex Care range promotes comfort and safety without compromising on maintenance, hygiene, and durability. Carefully designed details include the absence of sharp edges in all toilets and basins in the range, in addition to the Elsa Arm Rest, an ergonomic non-slip arm rest that attaches directly to the toilet – all of which minimise the risk of cuts and falls, giving peace of mind.

The Britex Care range has also been designed for aesthetics, easy maintenance and durability. Britex’s vitreous china solutions are fully glazed of high quality, while stainless steel composition minimises the ability for harmful bacteria to accumulate. Throughout the range, smooth surfaces and durable finishes contribute to ease of cleaning, which in turn helps with hygiene maintenance, while the tamper-proof designs offer long-lasting reliability. 

All Britex products are performance tested and meet a number of benchmarks with regards to quality and certification. Britex is accredited by Quality Management Systems, and conducts internal quality audits at a regularity that exceeds the minimum requirements set out by World’s Best Practice. Unlike some imported products, Britex’s wide range of products also meets the strict design requirements defined in AS1428 – Design for Access and Mobility. Designers and specifiers can choose Britex with the confidence that all products meet Australian disability standards.

The Britex commitment to quality and performance is matched by a strong focus on reducing negative environmental impacts. The company incorporates 65-80% recycled material into all stainless steel products, and works to ensure a long service life that significantly reduces the need to regularly replace components or entire products. All Britex steel products are 100% recyclable.

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