Bridco  specialises in Grade 50 Cromox stainless steel lifting chains and components manufactured by Ketten Walder in Germany.

Cromox stainless steel lifting chains and components are manufactured in a variety of grades of stainless steel. Grade AISI 316L is the most common grade of stainless steel, however, Grade AISI 318LN and Grade AISI 630 can also be used in chains and components depending upon their application.

Cromox chains and components are proving to be a popular choice for applications in pump stations, wastewater and sewerage treatment plants.

One of the company’s distributors, A.Noble & Son Pty Ltd in Brisbane, was recently awarded the contract to supply the Moreton Bay Regional Council with Cromox stainless steel chains and lifting components for water and wastewater treatment plants.

Moreton Bay Regional Council covers Redcliff, Pine Rivers and Coobulture Shire Council.

The fittings will be used for the purpose of maintenance and upgrades of water and wastewater plants.

With the advantages Cromox products have to offer in regards to resistance, particularly in aggressive mediums, Bridco expects to see Cromox stainless steel lifting chains and components being implemented in water and wastewater treatment plants on a national level.

For further information and details of Cromox representatives is available from Bridco.