Leading louvre windows specialist Breezway presents a formal CPD tutorial on ventilation. Accredited by Architectural Information Services (AIS), this CPD tutorial aims to provide a clear picture of ventilation requirements for spaces; health, productivity and economic benefits; and how different window types can affect the outcomes.


Participants in the tutorial will get to know the scientific benefits of ventilation and understand the impact of different window types on ventilation through a detailed presentation. A modelled energy efficiency study will also be discussed followed by a briefing on the WERS ratings for screened windows.

Learning outcomes:

  • Scientifically proven benefits of ventilation
  • Impact of window types on ventilation openings
  • Study on the relative energy efficiency implications of air infiltration and ventilation
  • Awareness of WERS ratings for screened products

Formal CPD points offered:

1 Hour Presentation = 1 CPD Point

Breezway also offers a CPD tutorial on the 2013 BCA Fall Prevention requirements of the Building Code, which was updated in response to the ongoing issue of children being injured due to falls through windows and the significant expansion of apartment living. The CPD presentation covers the provisions, the testing requirements to show compliance, and the potential resultant impact on ventilation.