Altair louvre windows from Breezway offer a practical solution for homes as well as apartments to make their outdoor living spaces usable.

Outdoor living spaces are popular elements in most Australian homes, and are appropriately protected from the harsh sun to create welcoming, comfortable environments. However, this protection may not be sufficient when it is raining, windy or just plain cold, making the area unusable.

Apartment buildings also feature outdoor living spaces in the form of balconies. The relatively more compact floor space of apartments increases the value of this outdoor living space of balconies; it can be very frustrating when this precious outdoor living space is rendered unusable due to inclement weather.

Queensland homes typically have more than one veranda, or verandas wrapped around almost the entire home and used as outdoor living areas or even outdoor sleeping spaces during hot summer nights. Louvre windows were often used in older Queensland residences to enclose these veranda spaces, protecting them from rain or cold winds while still being able to be opened wide to maximise natural, cooling ventilation. 

This same design solution can be applied to balconies in apartments. Altair louvre windows are available with the Stronghold System, which mechanically locks the blades into the clips to allow Altair louvres to easily pass the Building Code requirements for fall prevention through openable windows. 

Altair louvre windows seal tightly to provide protection from afternoon thunderstorms or windy days, while creating pleasant sunrooms on cool but sunny winter days. They can be opened wide to enjoy the gentle breezes of a perfect summer evening and have no metal bars to spoil the view. Altair louvre windows transform open balconies into usable living spaces year-round.

Altair louvre windows not only provide protection from inclement weather, but also offer advantages such as child safety, noise reduction and privacy.

Additional safety for children

While Australian Building Codes require balustrades on all balconies, it is not uncommon for children to climb over balustrades using chairs or other objects. Enclosing a balcony with Altair louvres featuring the Stronghold System provides an additional barrier to prevent children from falling from balconies.

Additional noise reduction within the apartment

Enclosed balconies can reduce the amount of noise entering the apartment through the open balcony doors.

Adjustable privacy

Obscure glass or aluminium blades can be used in Altair louvre windows to provide additional privacy.