Breezway is committed to constant improvement of their products to ensure better performance, greater longevity, enhanced appearance and more convenience for users.

Changes in Breezway products may range from major ones that result in a significant leap forward in one or more of these areas, to smaller changes that may be too subtle to be noticed but can make a discernible difference to the product.

Breezway recently carried out two minor changes to their aluminium blades: A new ‘bulb’ seal with a lower profile replaced the ‘flap’ seal used in the past; and the removal of the seal channel at the top of the blade.

The bulb seal is smaller and therefore less visible than the flap seal; additionally, the bulb seal eliminates the need for the seal channel in the design, enabling Breezway to give the top of the blade a cleaner design.

Currently available aluminium blades and the new refined aluminium blades cannot be mixed within a single window as the different seal designs will prevent the window from closing fully, or will not seal fully.