Steam is good for locomotives, but not so good in your bathroom. Install exhaust fans if you wish, but really, the ideal option is to include louvres in all of your wet areas.

Many architects and designers are now putting Breezway Louvre Windows (with timber or aluminium blades for privacy) behind towel rails to fast forward the drying process.

Breezway makes little louvres for installation near vanity mirrors to stop them fogging up. Breezway’s louvres in laundries also make sense, if only because they help stop the mould growing.

By the way, when it is blowing a gale outside, it is good to know that Breezway Louvre Windows are the most wind and rain resistant product of its kind.

This is due to our patented living hinge mechanism, which ensures a firm fit between the louvre clips and channels to resist water and air leakage.