CSR Bradford announces a new partnership with Tesla Energy to bring its world-leading Powerwall battery technology into Australian homes.

Designed to deliver the safest energy storage solution to the Australian market using advanced battery technology, the Tesla Powerwall home battery is expected to transform the way Australians consume and store energy.

The new collaboration will see CSR Bradford supply and install Tesla Powerwall batteries throughout Australia and New Zealand as part of a fully integrated and automated system, including PV panels and inverters.

CSR Bradford Executive General Manager Anthony Tannous explains that the new battery solutions provided by Tesla Energy will enable its customers to achieve far better savings on their electricity bills as well as an increased capability to use renewable energy sources to power their homes. According to Mr Tannous, Tesla Energy’s Powerwall will allow consumers personal control and management of energy consumption, helping them achieve significant savings in electricity. 

Key features of Tesla Powerwall home battery units include fully automated operation, simple installation and no maintenance; sleek and stylish design at 1.3m x 0.86m and a depth of only 18cm for architectural appeal; flexibility to install indoors or outdoors; and simple control via web and mobile app interfaced with the specialised inverter.

The 7kWh daily cycle Powerwall will cover most of an Australian family’s power requirements in the evening, using energy stored from solar panels during the day. Ideal for providing emergency power backup in the event of a grid outage, the Tesla Powerwall solution also allows multiple batteries to be linked together to meet higher energy requirements.

Home battery storage helps transform solar energy into a practical and affordable solution for Australians. Families can have a 4kWh solar PV system with inverter and battery installed by Bradford for less than $15,000.

Mr Tannous observes that Australia is perfectly positioned for widespread adoption of battery storage thanks to its excellent sun exposure, high energy prices, low interest rates and strong take-up of rooftop solar systems. Battery storage is the next logical step in the expansion of CSR Bradford’s Energy Solutions business, adding to its innovative ventilation systems, wall wraps and solar products.

With the Tesla Powerwall, homes are not restricted to storing energy only from the sun; they can also store electricity from the grid when electricity rates are low, to be consumed during evenings when peak rates apply. Homeowners can, therefore, maximise their renewable energy consumption and save on their energy bills.

CSR Bradford’s integrated power storage solutions will be available direct through its Bradford Energy Solutions or through any one of its many Approved Installers across the nation. Tesla Powerwall battery storage units will complement CSR Bradford’s range of high performing energy efficient products for homes including insulation, ventilation, wall wraps, PV solar systems, hot water systems and lighting.