Bradford Optimo Plus from Bradford Insulation (CSR) is an innovative range of sub-floor insulation products developed specifically to provide rapid assembly into steel framed sub floors.  

Bradford Optimo Plus steel frame sub-floor insulation meets the energy efficiency requirements of the National Construction Code.  

The Building Code mandates minimum energy efficiency standards, which are met to a great extent by thermal insulation. Different types of construction methods have different challenges associated with installing insulation to meet regulation. The new system from Bradford Insulation (CSR) is now available for steel frame sub floor applications with simple installation requirements.  

The patented and innovative sub floor insulation combines a high density, high efficiency rigid insulation board with a lightweight breathable foil faced polymeric membrane. The breathable polymeric membrane not only provides support for the product, but the breathability also prevents moisture entrapment in the subfloor area.  

Designed for easy installation, Bradford Optimo Plus fits perfectly in the C section of the steel joist while the unique extended membrane flap supports the product as the floor is laid.  

The assembly is simple with the plain end of the product inserted into the open ‘C’ section of the floor joist whilst the long foil ‘extension’ is laid over the top face of the next joist and temporarily fixed. This effectively retains the product in place until the floor is laid, at which time the Bradford Optimo Plus foil extension is permanently captured between the floor and the joist.  

Key features of Bradford Optimo Plus steel frame sub-floor insulation systems:  

  • Ideal for new buildings with steel framed sub floor construction
  • Eliminates the need to modify sub floor ‘C’ joist framing to retain insulation
  • Breathable membrane prevents moisture entrapment in the subfloor
  • Allows quick installation
  • Snug tolerance fit prevents movement during transit of portable housing as well as rodent entry into the sub-floor area
  • Can be manufactured to suit specific frame dimensions and thermal requirements to ensure precise fitment
  • Manufactured from safe to use FBS1 bio-soluble material
  • Manufactured in Australia for Australian conditions