Boundaries WA  introduces the new Colorbond boundary fencing. The Colorbond difference ensures the supply of finest steel products. Imported imitations are not backed by the strength and integrity of Australia’s Blue Scope Steel.

Colorbond has a new improved Super Polyester pre-painted coating technology that keeps the fence looking newer for longer. More than 30 years of weather testing in Australia has proven the ability of this fence to withstand the harsh climatic conditions. Bushfire testing by the CSIRO and Bushfire Co-operative Research Centre has proved that Colorbond steel fencing helps to protect the property from the ravages of bushfires.

Colorbond is available in 14 designer colours to complement and enhance home as well as landscape. It provides greater scope for creating a fencing design solution to suit any landscape.

Colorbond comes with a 100% termite proof guarantee, therefore, there is no need to apply chemical treatment to the fence. This type of fencing is low maintenance, requiring only the occasional hose or wipe down and removal of any debris.

Colorbond fencing infill sheets are made from a corrosion resistant base of Zincalume Steel with a base metal thickness of 0.35mm, giving strength and durability.