The Mediatek library shelving range, available from Bosco Storage Solutions , has been designed to provide space efficient and aesthetically pleasing storage solutions for libraries, commercial offices and a range of industries.

With library shelving bays available in a range of heights, Mediatek library shelving and archive storage systems offer innovative design features and flexible installation options to ensure their versatility and adaptability with any project.

Shelves and shelf accessories can be assembled and adjusted without the use of tools or special equipment and can be positioned at 15mm intervals to suit various sized books and media.

Once assembled the shelves and pillars create a load bearing structure. The Mediatek library shelving, made from high quality steel, has a proven load capacity of 70kg per shelf UDL.

Available accessories maximise the functionality of Mediatek library shelving and include magazine shelves, partitions, roll out reference shelves, adjustable book ends, hanging loop supports, name strips, lights, folding tables and more.

Display shelves provide optimised filing and easy removal of selected items. The Mediatek library shelving is ideal for storing several volumes of publications.

Reference shelves can be integrated into shelf configurations. These pull out from below shelves and provide a platform for use whilst researching.

Metal bookends with integrated locking mechanism can be locked or unlocked by rotation of the adjustment knob.

Hanging loops provide convenient support for stored items on lower shelves and can be freely located at any position along the shelf.

Top covers are available, protecting stored items from dust. Fluorescent lights can be integrated into covers to illuminate aisles.

Adjustable levelling feet increase library shelving stability and accommodate uneven floors. There is a range of levelling feet options available.

The Mediatek range of library shelving, with its proven design solutions, ensures space optimisation, efficiency and operator convenience.

“Your work in the Library at the School is being admired by all. It has received a great deal of positive feedback for a project that was so effortless. Almost one term on, we feel we chose the best furniture!” Patrick Skagerfält, Facilities Manager, International Grammar School, Ultimo New South Wales.