By combining their Maxitek mobile storage system and high density drawer storage system with innovative thinking and solid design principles, Bosco Storage Solutions were recently able to provide the Art Gallery of New South Wales’ new high-tech off-site store in Sydney, with a custom art storage solution for their priceless collection.

The Art Gallery of New South Wales' classical and elegant design reflects nineteenth century ideas about the cultural role of a gallery as a temple to art and civilizing values. The façade and old wing of the art gallery were built between 1896 and 1909.

Now, over 100 years later, the art gallery’s decision to build a state of the art off-site store is years and worlds apart, reflecting the desire for a high tech solution.

Bosco Storage Solutions was selected to supply industrial and mobile storage systems for the new Art Gallery of New South Wales facility. The sales, design and engineering team worked closely with the art gallery over many weeks, refining the design of the system, which was made up of long span shelving, vertical shelf panels, Boscotek high density drawer storage cabinets, and custom designed industrial cabinets.

Consisting of 15 double sided mobile units, ranging from 1.5m to 2.5m wide, 3m high and 8m long, each base was specially designed to accommodate 11t of weight under point load to house the art gallery’s priceless collection of Asian rolled fabrics.

An under floor track and unique bay locking system were supplied to ensure OH&S standards were set to the highest possible level. Furthermore, Bosco Storage Solutions supplied a specially designed flag warning system to the front of each mobile bay to visually alert other users of an occupied aisle way
Dust sensitive artefacts were also a major consideration, so Bosco implemented a crank operated roller blind system to keep selected art storage bays dust proof.

A large static slot shelving cabinet was installed to house framed works on paper, the design of which consisted of vertical panels, each compartment with it’s own adjustable shelves. This allowed the art gallery to exactly match shelf compartment with object, efficiently maximising the use of space.

Large vase and artefacts storage needed to be secure and easily locatable and retrieved. Custom size glazed door cabinets were designed for this mobile storage system to house these precious objects using Boscotek industrial cabinets with perspex panelled doors.

The range of Boscotek drawer storage products provided the ideal solution to the conservation and workshop sections of the art gallery, which are located on the ground floor. Stainless steel sink cabinets were provided to each workshop giving the staff access to an industrial strength wash centre.

Over 2000 screen-printed and magnetic signs were also supplied and fitted by Bosco Storage Solutions to ensure each item of the art gallery’s extensive collection was easily locatable.

This high tech complex art storage solution was implemented using skills from all divisions of Bosco Storage Solutions, from Boscotek industrial drawer storage systems, industrial workbenches and industrial storage cupboards to Bosco commercial office storage products, including Maxitek mobile shelving and mobile pedestals.