The Boscotek Tool Vault from Bosco Storage Solutions is a mobile, metal, folding tooling storage unit manufactured in Australia.  

In the sheet metal manufacturing sector, tooling storage for metal folding operations is a major consideration. In Australia tooling storage typically involves the use of racks and shelves, neither of which are purpose-built for the purpose of tooling storage.  

The Boscotek Tool Vault tooling storage unit is a valuable asset for any metal folding operation. The Tool Vault vertical drawer tooling storage cabinet provides secure storage for press brake tooling, accommodating and securely maintaining valuable metal folding tooling and accessories.  

The Boscotek’s Tool Vault tooling storage unit base and body are zinc coated and fully welded for strength and durability. Full extension drawers can be easily removed from the cabinet with roller bearings on drawer wheels.  

Flexible interior configurations enable the Boscotek Tool Vault tooling storage unit to house five vertical drawers. Specially designed, adaptable supports enable tools to be stored firmly within the unit.  

The Boscotek Tool Vault tooling storage unit sits on fork pontoons enabling forklift access and relocation of the unit whilst fully loaded. The secure self locking device means drawers will not open whilst the metal folding tooling storage unit is being moved.   

Accessing tools easy thanks to the Boscotek Tool Vault tooling storage unit’s large, durable pull handles. The Boscotek Tool Vault provides a practical solution for metal folding tooling storage and is purpose-built to accommodate a variety of tooling including AMADA and TRUMPF.