Leading Australian dishwasher brand Bosch Home Appliances has launched a new range of resource-efficient high-performing dishwashers designed to use less water and energy.

Bosch’s German-designed and engineered ActiveWater dishwashers are available in fully integrated, semi integrated, built-under, freestanding, modular built-in and slimline designs to meet the diverse needs of Australian households.

The revolutionary ActiveWater technology uses every single drop of water to the maximum, generating the cleaning power of over 4,000 litres from as little as 10.3 litres per wash.

The new freestanding stainless steel ActiveWater dishwasher (SMS69T28AU) is equipped with Bosch’s pioneering Zeolite drying system, which converts humidity into heat, and is one of Australia’s most energy-efficient dishwashers, boasting 4.5 Star Energy rating.

The ActiveWater Plus dishwasher features 5.5 Star Water rating, using just 10.3 litres per wash, making it one of Australia’s most water-efficient dishwashing models.

The super silent 42dB performance adds to the dishwasher’s environmental credentials.

All 20 Bosch dishwasher models come with a 10-year rust-through warranty. Manufactured with Bosch’s ‘Green Technology inside’ maxim, the dishwashers are designed to minimise their impact on the environment without compromising on performance.


The illuminated TimeLight feature projects the remaining wash cycle time onto the floor when the dishwasher is in operation, preventing interruptions. It also shows the current wash program as well as the status of the wash cycle.

Zeolite technology

Newer models in the range use Zeolite minerals to naturally absorb water molecules before releasing them as energy for a quicker dry, resulting in energy efficient dishwashing.

TFT display

Bosch’s unique full-colour TFT display provides useful information such as progress of wash cycle, time remaining, wash programs, optional settings and predefined water and energy consumption.

VarioDrawer Plus

VarioDrawer Plus provides a third loading level for cutlery and utensils, creating space in the dishwasher for up to 15 place settings.

Design features of Bosch ActiveWater dishwashers also include EcoSilence Drive comprising of two brushless DC motors to reduce noise and friction, AquaStop Plus for 24/7 anti-flood protection with a lifetime guarantee on all Bosch models, DosageAssist to maximise effectiveness of detergent tablets, AutoBrilliance for sparkling results, AquaSensor to detect impurities in water, and ActiveWater Filter System for better water circulation and cleaning power.