Bosch Home Appliances has launched a new range of compact bagless vacuum cleaners to complement the existing Bosch Relaxx’x bagless range.

Bosch’s new Runn’n compact bagless vacuum cleaners weigh only 5.8kg, and are exceptionally quiet and powerful to operate. Recommended for smaller households, the new Runn’n ProSilence and ProEssential models are packed with a host of innovative features to ensure excellent cleaning results with minimal effort. Being light to lift and store, with minimal maintenance requirements, these vacuums are designed for easy handling.

The affordable new Runn’n range features Bosch’s unique SilenceSound System comprising of sound controlled motors, insulation materials, optimised airflow and sound reduced accessories for quiet operation. While the Runn’n ProSilence operates at just 71dB(A), the ProEssential model works at 74dB(A). The high performance nozzle in the ProSilence operates at a super-silent 62dB(A), and is optimal for all floor surfaces and cleaning needs with a market-leading dust pick-up performance for thorough cleaning.

Feature highlights of Bosch’s new Runn’n compact bagless vacuum cleaners include Bosch’s SensorBagless System, which intelligently notifies the user when the filter needs to be manually cleaned; Bosch’s Superior Airflow with washable lifetime HEPA 14 filter guaranteeing outstanding filtration, no clogging and unrivalled smooth, quiet airflow; variable suction control; easy-to-remove and clean 1.9 L canister; automatic cable rewind with generous operating radius of 10m; and innovative compressor motors for high dust pick-up.

Accessories include a 2-in-1 crevice tool and upholstery brush.

The Runn’n bagless vacuum cleaners from Bosch are available at Harvey Norman stores nationally.