Australian cities are increasingly seeing a trend towards zero boundary, small and micro lots due to the high demand for residential plots and rising property prices coupled with low availability of suitable land. With parcel sizes as modest as 80sqm servicing detached houses across Australian cities, and the resultant tighter building footprints, there is a need for thinner building materials that can maximise the floor area while delivering higher fire and acoustic performance to meet stringent building regulations for homeowners.

Responding to these needs, Australian manufacturer and building solutions provider Bondor has launched an innovative new zero lot boundary wall system, LuxeWall FlameGuard for use in residential housing, terrace, townhouse and other developments where (FRL) 60/60/60 minutes, 90/90/90 minutes and Bushfire Attack Level (BAL-FZ) are required.

The revolutionary new LuxeWall FlameGuard boundary walling system delivers a smarter solution for zero lot boundary walls.

Paul Adams, National Product Manager, Bondor Australia observes that more and more homes are being built closer together across Australia’s cities.

According to Mr Adams, with land being scarce and in high demand, developers are releasing smaller lots and subdividing traditional blocks to take advantage of rising property prices. Garage walls and even house walls are being built on the property’s boundary with a space of 10cm from the neighbour’s wall. There’s also an increase in medium density developments such as detached townhouses and terraces with very little space between buildings.

Bondor’s revolutionary lightweight and prefinished fire rated LuxeWall FlameGuard wall systems are perfect for such developments, offering a smarter boundary wall solution for townhouses, terraces and detached buildings or knock-down rebuilds and renovations on small blocks where site access to the boundary is limited.

Made from durable and sustainable materials such as prefinished Colorbond steel and a non-combustible rigid mineral wool that forms both a passive fire barrier and a thermal barrier around a home, LuxeWall FlameGuard combines fire protection with climate comfort.

LuxeWall FlameGuard also outperforms other wall systems in terms of installation, thanks to its lightweight construction method of dropping prefinished interlocking panels into position and fixing them from the inside. There is no need for on-ground assembly, additional building material layers, caulking or sealing, exterior finishing or major ongoing maintenance.

LuxeWall FlameGuard was developed with a unique concealed fix system for residential properties with site access restrictions caused by neighbouring buildings or structures in close proximity.

LuxeWall FlameGuard is Australian Standards tested and certified, and conforms to the NCC with Codemark accreditation for easy certification. The zero lot boundary wall system is manufactured locally by Bondor in Australia and available nationally.