A granny flat project in New South Wales utilised InsulWall structural wall, a load bearing insulated wall panel from Bondor developed in conjunction with BlueScope Steel and Dulux Acratex.

Offering the residential and commercial markets a new building technology as an alternative to monolithic traditional building methods, Bondor’s InsulWall uses a unique prime coated BlueScope steel technology, readymade for painting, rendering or cladding and encasing a high performing insulated core.

Key features and benefits of InsulWall include a preformed rebated joint for setting plaster; continuous coated surface for painting internally using Dulux Wash & Wear and rendering externally using Dulux Acratex; and electrical service ducts for easier wiring installation.

As part of the Quicker, Leaner, Smarter, Greener patented InsulLiving building system, InsulWall provides an alternative building method to conventional builds by replacing multiple materials and trades such as brick veneer, timber/steel framed systems, insulation and plasterboard.

Bondor’s InsulWall structural wall system is ideal for home improvement, insulated walling, modular building, and residential building applications.