Breezewall ventilating wall panels from Bondor are specially designed architectural and industrial wall panels. They have been constructed to form a continuous metal sheet and have the same appearance as standard louvres with the exception of the perforations which are located on the horizontal flanges.

This design system means that the installer does not have to fix individual louvre blades one at a time. The design also means that the addition of a bird screen is not required.

Standard panels have a cover width of 600 mm, a deep profile of 100 mm and provide a nominal opening area of 40 per cent. They can also be supplied in different lengths according to client specifications.

The ventilating wall panels come in a large selection of materials and finishes that will suit almost all applications. These include:

  • Aluminium
  • Galvanised steel
  • Pre-coated Zincalume
  • Stainless steel (painted or unpainted)
Breezewall ventilating wall panels are an economical and efficient way to ventilate a building.