Blum Australia has announced a new technological innovation in their TANDEMBOX range of drawers and pull-outs designed specifically to optimise performance.

The addition of TIP-ON BLUMOTION for TANDEMBOX supports greater design freedom, extending the support solutions available for handle-less designs and completing the TIP-ON BLUMOTION offer from Blum.

Available from June, TIP-ON BLUMOTION for TANDEMBOX is a welcome addition to Blum’s motion technology range, with the innovation creating new design opportunities for the popular Box system.

The new TIP-ON BLUMOTION feature combines the convenient opening of TIP-ON with the reliable function of BLUMOTION for a 100% mechanical opening and soft closing support system that offers a harmonious and convenient experience when opening drawers and pull-outs.

Prior to the addition of TIP-ON BLUMOTION, the TANDEMBOX programme went through a series of technological developments to optimise performance. Important functions have been re-engineered to improve operating characteristics, resulting in an even greater quality of motion with lighter opening forces, improved stability and smoother running action.

The perfect mechanical solution for handle-less drawers and pull-outs in all living areas throughout the home, TIP-ON BLUMOTION ensures furniture is impressively easy to use and aesthetically appealing.

Assembly and adjustment are important factors when it comes to getting the most out of minimalist furniture design. Handle-less furniture impresses with its clear-cut design and gap layout. Blum’s motion technologies enable a small front gap of just 2.5mm and components can be assembled tool-free, taking very little time to adjust and create a precise and perfectly uniform gap layout.

Supporting the design of handle-less lift systems, doors and pull-outs are Blum’s motion technologies such as BLUMOTION, SERVO-DRIVE, TIP-ON BLUMOTION and TIP-ON, all engineered to simplify opening and closing furniture. Modern designs integrated with high quality motion lead to endless possibilities when furniture is fitted with Blum hardware solutions and motion technologies. Handle-less furniture designs can be created using minimal effort with furniture tailored to the individual user’s needs, taste and style.

Kylie Peterson, Blum National Marketing Manager explains that the optimised TANDEMBOX programme and the highly anticipated addition of TIP-ON BLUMOTION for TANDEMBOX further reinforce their commitment to servicing the continuously evolving demands of design and functionality.