Designing without limitations is when the best ideas come to life. Blum’s range of services aims to help remove obstacles that may stand between an architect or designer and the client. While they are well known and respected for their quality furniture fittings and cabinet solutions, Blum Showrooms and Kitchen Test Drive displays can provide your clients with a complete kitchen design experience.

Blum Showrooms around Australia allow designers and architects to give their clients a hands-on experience. Providing an interactive experience to help you build trust and confidence with your client and give them the chance to be inspired. With the latest range of products and innovations, a Blum Showroom tour highlights motion technology, quality and infinite design possibilities. Be inspired by our functional cabinet solutions and ideas for kitchens and different areas of the home.

A showroom experience with Blum can expose your clients to much more than just quality products and hardware solutions. Interacting with a Blum display kitchen can teach your clients the value of creating an ergonomic workflow for their space, adding another element to your customer’s experience. Understanding workflows such as what utensils you’ll need and where you’ll need them can give clients a whole new perspective and appreciation for your concepts. They may even inspire some ideas of their own to help you create a more personalised design.

Designing a new kitchen for a client requires a perfect combination of convenience, space and motion. While architectural drawings and 3D designs help show your clients the potential for their kitchen space, they might not tell the whole story. Whether your design is almost complete or if you don’t know where to start, Blum’s Kitchen Test Drive can bring your ideas to life. The best way to satisfy clients before installation is by giving them a hands-on experience with their own layout using life-sized movable cabinets that are arranged to reflect your proposed layout, including dummy cabinets for electrical appliances such as the oven and refrigerator. Your clients will get to feel how their new kitchen space will function when completing day-to-day tasks.

As an architect or designer, implementing a Blum Showroom and Kitchen Test Drive to your customer experience can help bring added value to your business. Displaying all the latest product innovations and providing your client with a hands-on interactive experience will ensure that your clients enjoy their exciting new kitchen from beginning to end.

Blum also has dedicated Showroom Consultants available in each showroom to support you with various resources, assist with planning, considerations and specification for your customer. Make time for your clients to experience Blum products first-hand at our Blum showrooms or utilise our Kitchen Test Drive facilities. 

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