The Servo Drive technology from Blum Australia has been integrated into the mechanics of the Aventos lifting door system. The combination of Servo Drive technology and the Aventos lifting system has created a new ease of use.

The Aventos range includes lift systems such as:

  • Bi-fold lift system
  • Up & over lift system
  • Lift up
  • Stay lift

The Aventos lifting systems have been engineered to be simple and easy to use, as a result, the integration of Servo Drive has effectively increased the ergonomic quality available for kitchen doors, ktichen drawers and kitchen storage in the market.

With a light touch, nudge or push on the front of an Aventos lifting system that has been installed with Servo Drive technology, the door or drawer will open automatically. Aventos lifting systems with Servo Drive are practical drawer systems for any kitchen.

Features of the Aventos Lifting Systems with Servo Drive technology:

  • Easy opening with a light touch on the front
  • Easy closing by pressing a switch
  • Integrated collision protection
  • Integrated Blumotion provides silent and effortless closing action