Blum  offers a range of drawer runner systems to suit a variety of applications. The different load carrying capacities of runners, drawers and pull-outs can be customised to suit the weight of the intended contents. The latest addition to their range comes in response to the growing trend towards wide cabinets. 

Solution for Greater Loads  

Wide and deep pull-outs must be spacious and strong enough to accommodate heavy loads, while at the same time running smoothly and safely. To meet these requirements, Blum has developed a new 65kg “Tandembox” drawer runner in addition to the existing 30, 50 and 80kg models. The 65kg “Tandembox” drawer runner system has been adapted to the existing draw side specifications. It is easy to mount because it if completely compatible.

Inside Tandem  

A key feature of “Tandembox” is the “Tandem” runner system. It has a high level of lateral stability and runs smoothly. It does not produce any metal abrasion, which in turn means that it requires little maintenance.  

This drawer runner system divides loads into horizontal and vertical forces which are directed over durable nylon rollers to the cabinet. The integrated control system ensures that the draws run smoothly.  

When fully extended, the “Tandembox” pull-out drawer runner system allows users to view the entire contents of the drawers. These drawer runner systems encourage the ergonomic use of kitchens because no space is wasted.