It is no secret that Australia’s population is ageing, with the proportion of people aged over 65 years increasing. Aging in one place can be made easier and more comfortable by modifying one’s home to function. Research shows that two of the most frequently used areas in the home are the kitchen and the bathroom, and replacing cupboards with drawers is one way to significantly improve the level of comfort and accessibility in these areas.

On average a kitchen lasts 20 years, and buying a new suite is a big investment without having to be concerned about adapting it to individual needs later in life. It is therefore important to ensure it is a long lasting asset to your home. This is the basis for Blum Australia ’s Dynamic Space.

Dynamic Space focuses upon a practical interior with intelligent solutions that ensure workflows are smooth and ergonomic. The five key features of Dynamic Space are:

  • Sufficient storage space
  • Better ergonomics, for example, removing shelves from lower cabinets
  • Kitchen zone planning, for example, the proper allocation and correct equipment for the five most important work areas;and
  • Optimal access, this includes full extensions of units allowing for better overview and access, with everything in sight and close to hand.

For more information about Dynamic Space please visit the Blum website.