Previously, black and dark kitchen designs were not a popular choice. Now, darker palettes are becoming one of the most used colour schemes that radiate elegance and create a tasteful ambience. For clients searching for a kitchen design that is both contemporary and cosy, dark cabinets can help achieve just that.

Dark colours aren’t just limited to cabinet fronts and furniture; they can complement the internal hardware to produce a harmonious design.

The AVENTOS HK top has cover caps available in light grey or dark grey, disguising the quality hardware to suit dark cabinet interiors. Blum offers a range of solutions to help create a seamless dark design while still providing cabinet solutions that make day-to-day kitchen tasks more efficient. By specifying Blum’s range of inspiring lift system AVENTOS, your designs will include ergonomic functionality that gives users complete freedom by keeping cupboard fronts well out of the way.  

For sleek and elegant dark interiors, CLIP top BLUMOTION in onyx black discreetly complements the furniture and creates visual impact. Available for a number of applications to suit your designs, it gives you greater scope for designing fine furniture without compromising on form. Blum combines innovative technology, including integrated BLUMOTION, to deliver soft and effortless closing to cabinet doors. 

Dark interiors by Blum isn’t limited to hinge and lift systems. With orion grey matt or the new Carbon black coloured LEGRABOX options available, you can create a kitchen or living space that not only looks but feels premium and stylish. Their sleek, slim and linear drawers maximise space without sacrificing quality. Thin drawer sides and full extension allows users to utilise every inch of space with ease.

With colour tones to match your LEGRABOX drawer design, you can further enhance your sophisticated drawer systems with AMBIA-LINE. Blum’s inner dividing system helps to beautifully organise furniture interiors throughout the home from the kitchen cutlery drawer, office supplies or bathroom toiletries. These frames are easy to handle and can be positioned wherever to suit individual methods and workflows.

Blum’s range of dark interior solutions ensures that sophisticated dark designs have the quality and functionality to match. Don’t just design a kitchen space that looks premium; create a kitchen or living space that feels and functions the same way. For more information, visit