Austrian fittings specialist Blum recently demonstrated a solution for large front applications through a concept study presented at the INTERZUM 2017.

Living spaces in urban areas are becoming smaller by the day, and it’s necessary to use a single room for several purposes. Often multiple function areas within apartments, such as office areas, storage areas and even entire kitchens are merged into one area. While every household needs worktops and shelves, they shouldn’t dominate the look of living areas. There are different creative approaches on how these areas can be hidden behind large fronts.

One way is to use the same fine finishes throughout the living area, producing a harmonious and tidy, sleek and minimalist look. To ensure these large fronts open and close with ease, Blum suggested a solution at the INTERZUM show.

Blum’s concept study consisted of a large bi-fold door, which would fold and neatly glide into a side pocket at a single touch. The bi-fold door would beautifully conceal large multipurpose spaces to be opened when needed by simply touching the front. Users have complete and unhindered access to cabinet interiors.

The new fitting has been specifically designed to give large fronts a secure hold without the use of handles. Blum’s new idea offers a new freedom of design combined with top quality motion.

The concept study was presented at INTERZUM to get customer feedback. This product is not currently available.