Storage space requirements differ from person to person, so it’s important to understand what your client’s needs are when designing and specifying for their kitchen. Utilising the space available is not only convenient but it is made even easier with Blum’s space saving cabinet solutions.

Including innovative cabinet solutions in your kitchen designs ensure all available space is optimised. Blum’s space saving cabinet solutions create valuable additional storage space without changing the size of the room. The SPACE TOWER, SPACE TWIN, SPACE CORNER and Sink Cabinet can help to optimise the hidden space in the kitchen and allow you to design not only a beautiful kitchen, but a functional and practical one that your clients will love.

Pantry goals

The SPACE TOWER makes optimal use of storage space and ensures every item is always close at hand through the use of individual pull-outs. Simply open the pull-out and the contents are accessible from three sides and into the farthest corner due to the full extension of the drawer. This cabinet can range from 300mm to 1200mm wide depending on the amount of storage space that is required, the size of the household and the cooking and shopping habits of your client you are designing for. The SPACE TOWER is not only limited to the kitchen, it can also be adapted to suit bedroom wardrobes, bathrooms and even living room cabinets.

Make use of every bit of space

Even the smallest of spaces can be utilised as functional storage space in the kitchen whilst maintaining a uniform appearance with Blum’s SPACE TWIN cabinet solution. Blum offers a practical solution to make use of the otherwise wasted, yet valuable storage space. To ensure simple workflows it is especially practical to position the SPACE TWIN close to the preparation bench or stove as it can be used to store bottles, spices, baking trays or chopping boards.

Get more out of corners

Too often space available in kitchen corner cabinet is wasted as stored items are uncomfortable to access and forgotten. Innovative cabinet solutions like Blum’s SPACE CORNER makes optimal use of space in kitchen corner cabinets. The spacious angled drawers utilise the available space to its full potential and are fully extendable providing easy access right into the back corner.

A step above the rest

Those unreachable overhead cabinets are now a thing of the past with SPACE STEP from Blum. The SPACE STEP is a plinth solution that consists of a plinth step and a pull-out that delivers multiple benefits to any area in the home. Designed to be integrated into the kickboards of the cabinet, the SPACE STEP glides open with a touch to the front so that it can be used as a step, enabling the user to reach higher cabinets and creating a safe alternative to wobbly chairs and stools.

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