Blum Australia  is displaying a range of fittings solutions at the new Lincoln Sentry flagship showroom in Alexandria as part of the Sydney Indesign show on 16-17 August.
These fittings have been developed on the basis of Blum’s requirement research that uncovered invaluable insights, allowing them to meet evolving kitchen functionality, ergonomics and design needs through an enhanced product offer.
Some of the Blum exhibits at the Lincoln Sentry showroom include the new TANDEMBOX antaro drawer system developed to meet the need for minimalist kitchen design with proven technology.
For over 60 years, Blum has conducted extensive research into the needs of all kitchen users to develop fittings solutions that facilitate everyday kitchen use. Through this research, Blum has developed its DYNAMIC SPACE concept, providing ideas for practical kitchens. Tailored to the individual needs of kitchen users, the new concept reinforces certain ergonomic and practical advantages of Blum products such as the use of full extension drawers, and lift systems that lift up and out of the way.
Blum’s DYNAMIC SPACE workshops will continue in 2013 with revised content.
The DYNAMIC SPACE principles and final kitchen designs can be tested prior to installation in Blum Kitchen Test Drive showrooms. With a selection of movable, life-sized cabinets, the Kitchen Test Drive ensures functionality is addressed during the planning phase, increasing customer satisfaction. Demonstrations will be held frequently throughout the Sydney Indesign event.
Blum also uses the AGE EXPLORER suit in their requirement research to help create kitchen solutions with long-term advantages for all users. This suit is used to simulate physical limitations for movement, sight, touch and hearing. Hands-on demonstrations are scheduled for Saturday 17th August at 11.00am and 3.00pm, over High Tea.