Blum Australia extends its support for the future of residential kitchen and bathroom design in Australia with the ongoing sponsorship of the Blum Emerging Talent Award.

The Blum Emerging Talent Award recognises the future stars of kitchen and bathroom design from TAFE South Australia. The top design student from the TAFE South Australia Certificate IV in Design of Kitchens, Bathrooms and Interior Spaces Design is honoured with the Blum Emerging Talent Award, forming part of TAFE SA’s annual Building and Construction Awards. The TAFE South Australia Building and Construction Award ceremony honours 37 of the best students in the building and construction field.

The first Blum Emerging Talent Award trophy was presented recently by Blum South Australia’s State Sales Manager Jamie Freeman at the TAFE South Australia Building and Construction Awards in the presence of over 200 new and existing members of the building and construction industry.

Blum Australia’s Director Sales and Marketing, David Noakes explains that the award aligns with Blum’s investment in a number of industry partnerships and event sponsorships within the design industry, all towards supporting the future of the Australian design community.

He adds that the sponsorship also ties in well with Blum’s continuing drive for design students to experience and attend their DYNAMIC SPACE workshops to enhance their knowledge and support their conversations with clients.