Blum Australia has introduced the new SERVO-DRIVE flex for integrated appliances in the kitchen to facilitate easy electrical opening of their doors. The latest product is part of Blum’s innovative solutions that accommodate future design trends and meet market demands, with superior ease of motion and handle-less furniture continuing to play an increasing role in modern furniture designs.

Blum’s SERVO-DRIVE flex is an adaptive electrical motion support system that extends the potential of handle-less designs in the kitchen to integrated refrigerators, freezers and dishwashers. When integrated with SERVO-DRIVE flex, appliance fronts can be opened with a single touch with the door staying open for a short period of time allowing the user to open it fully. If the door opens accidentally, it will close again automatically within a couple of seconds.

Key features of the SERVO-DRIVE flex adaptive electrical motion support system include compatibility with left or right opening, sliding or fixed door installations on standard integrated refrigerators, combination fridge/freezers, freezers and dishwashers; adaptability to suit different door properties ensuring the access gap is consistent and doors always open reliably; and light touch on appliance front allowing drawers, pull-outs, lift systems and integrated kitchen appliances to open easily.

With the SERVO-DRIVE flex, only one system (transformer) is required for the entire kitchen covering wall cabinets, base cabinets and integrated kitchen appliances.

Kylie Peterson, Blum Marketing Manager explains that SERVO-DRIVE flex extends Blum’s ability to support their customers in creating design visions for their clients. She adds that SERVO-DRIVE flex ensures handle-less designs and user comfort can be achieved throughout the whole kitchen.