Blum Australia announces the release of the newly updated DYNALOG 3.5 planning and ordering software, which supports the introduction of TIP-ON BLUMOTION for TANDEMBOX.

Blum’s DYNALOG software is designed to support manufacturers and designers by making it easier to plan, select and order the right fittings for their furniture design. This comprehensive software package enables Blum to support customers 24/7 through their digital network, providing them access to the latest information.

Blum’s latest version of the DYNALOG software supports the release of TIP-ON BLUMOTION for TANDEMBOX and the introduction of the optimised TANDEMBOX programme.

Blum’s online DYNALOG software contains DYNAPLAN for planning cabinets, and the Online Product Configurator for easy selection of Blum fittings. Both DYNAPLAN and the Online Product Configurator have the ability to export data into CAD software to complete the overall design in 2D or 3D.

DYNALOG supports the design industry in the specification and ordering process, making it faster, easier and more compatible than ever to flow from initial planning to ordering Blum products. Industry customers and partners who have downloaded the DYNAPLAN software are also encouraged to register for access to Blum’s Online Product Configurator to utilise DYNALOG’s full functionality and capabilities.

Blum’s Online Product Configurator ensures quick, easy and convenient selection of Blum fittings for single applications. The configurator supports designers with cabinet planning information, 2D and 3D CAD data files along with extensive information on Blum products through product videos, brochures, installation drawings and complete part lists. Distributor interface options take the user to their online ordering system, allowing them to complete the ordering process during the planning stage.

Both DYNALOG 3.5 planning and ordering software and the Online Product Configurator are available for commentary access from