Blum Australia announces the release of the new CLIP top BLUMOTION, a new range of furniture fittings designed to support the demand for style and elegance in furniture design.

Complementing Blum’s range of CLIP top BLUMOTION hinges, the new hinge in Onyx Black integrates harmoniously into darker cabinets to create new design possibilities. CLIP top BLUMOTION in Onyx Black is available from August 2017.

New trends in the furniture design industry indicate a preference for darker cabinetry in kitchens and furniture throughout the home. CLIP top BLUMOTION in Onyx Black is a major differentiator, with this hinge variant making it possible for uniform colour consistency between the exterior and interior of the cabinet, and creating new design possibilities.

CLIP top BLUMOTION in Onyx Black features the same characteristics of the proven CLIP top BLUMOTION technology with BLUMOTION soft-close seamlessly integrated into the hinge boss for silent and effortless closing. The BLUMOTION soft-close feature can be deactivated for smaller or lighter doors, providing silent and effortless closing regardless of the door weight, size or the force with which they are closed.

Consistent with the CLIP top BLUMOTION range, the CLIP top BLUMOTION in Onyx Black offers simple, tool-free assembly and three-dimensional adjustment delivering precise gap alignment. Common hinge types such as CLIP top BLUMOTION in 110° design, CLIP top 155° zero protrusion hinge, hinges for profile/thick door and blind corner applications, and hinges for 45° angle are now available in Onyx Black. To support handle-less furniture designs, CLIP top in Onyx Black will be available for use with TIP-ON mechanical opening support system.

CLIP top BLUMOTION in Onyx Black can be combined with LEGRABOX in Terra Black Matt, allowing customers to implement design concepts in darker shades or introduce dark contrast to lighter coloured cabinets throughout the home.

According to Kylie Peterson, National Marketing Manager Blum Australia, the expanding design options provided with Blum’s TANDEMBOX and LEGRABOX colour range for drawers and pull-outs as well as the introduction of CLIP top BLUMOTION in Onyx Black extend the solutions available for the design conscious.

CLIP top BLUMOTION in Onyx Black highlights design innovation, having won the 2017 iF Design Award and the 2017 German Design Award.